The South African Solar Thermal Technology Road Map (2014)

This document illustrates the strategies of the South African Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap (SA STTRM), a project within the South African Solar Thermal Technology Platform (SA-STTP) which supports the use of solar energy sources for applications such as water heating, (solar) cooling, process heat and low temperature steam. The initiative is supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), AEE - INTEC (Institute for Sustainable Technologies from Austria), the Centre for Renewable & Sustainable Energy Studies and SESSA (Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa).

The roadmap includes an overview of existing legislation, regulations and government targets of the government of South Africa for solar thermal.  The solar thermal industry in South Africa is divided into sub sections, according to the different applications of solar thermal technology (residential solar water heating, industrial / commercial installations for solar heating and cooling, unglazed swimming pool solar water heaters, solar passive design in buildings).

For each subsection the document highlights awareness and marketing options, institutional issues, R&D initiatives and education and training opportunities. 

Author: Karin Kritzinger

Date: 3 November 2014

Pages: 27

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