Solar Water Heaters Development in MENA Region (2009)

This is a presentation from Dr. Mohamad Kordab (Energy Expert of the Damascus University) during the “Solar Thermal Applications workshop” held in Syria. The event was jointly organized by the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), regional organizations from Syria and Egypt and the German Development Cooperation (GTZ).

Starting from the impressive regional potential for solar energy, the presentation lists the different applications available on the market and their actual status in the MENA region. Although installed capacity has greatly increased in the last 20 years due to governmental support and the development of local manufacturers, there are still numerous barriers that need to be removed.

Legal hurdles, economic and financial issues, a shortage of skilled labour, lack of awareness and poor R&D focus need to be solved. Solutions have been envisaged in the form of technology transfer from more developed countries, capacity-building, encouraging foreign investments, providing subsidies and other forms of financial support, friendlier legislation and better education.

Author: Dr. Mohamad Kordab

Date: 2009

Slides: 33

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