Solar Water Heater Market Assessment in South-East Asia

This report provides the existing status of the Solar Water Heating (SWH) industry in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The report contains an overview of different aspects of a country’s SWH market, such as the solar energy availability and applicability for water heating applications, the achieved or installed capacities, the supply chain mechanisms, investments in SWH technology and the existing supportive institutional and policy frameworks.

The report also includes an overview of solar water heaters system components as well as design and installation practices in the five countries profiled in this study. It presents life cycle cost evaluations and discusses the need of adoption, third party tests, test procedures and certification of solar water heaters. It also presents efforts of several organizations working in these countries to improve quality of installation and hot water servicing of the installed systems.


Date: 2011

Pages: 158

Download the document here


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