Solar Thermal Quality Infrastructure in Cyprus (2014)

This topic was addressed by George Roditis, Head of the Applied Energy Laboratory, at IRENA’s conference on renewable energy applications for island tourism which took place in Cyprus in May 2014. The speaker focuses on 3 important elements which ensure excellent solar thermal quality infrastructure, namely standards, certification schemes and solar thermal laboratories.  With regards to standards, he provides an overview of the European standards available for solar thermal collectors and systems.  The presentation continues with the importance of the various certification schemes available in Cyprus, such as the voluntary Solar Keymark developed by ESTIF (European Solar Thermal Industry Federation) and CEN (European Committee for Standardisation), the compulsory energy labeling marking and also the CE-marking which will enter into force in 2016.  The last part of the presentation concentrates on the major role played by solar thermal laboratories in the development of the solar collector industry in Cyprus and provides information on the different tests those laboratories can perform, such as thermal performance tests, rain penetration tests or mechanical load tests.

Author: George Roditis

Date: May  2014

Pages: 18

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