Solar Thermal Power Plants –Firm Capacity with 100% Renewables (2009)

This is a presentation from the company Solar Millennium AG, made during the CUEN (Cambridge University Energy Network) 3rd annual energy conference in June 2009. It provides an overview of solar energy capacity, opportunities, technologies and market evolution possibilities. After a brief panorama of the world’ solar potential, by geographical location and type of technology, the authors explain the evolution of solar technologies since 1912 until now.

The document explores two large-scale solar projects: Andasol in Spain (the largest site of solar power generation in the world) and Kuraymat in Egypt (an example of combined cycle power plant with parabolic trough solar field). The author shows how Europe could be supplied with energy being produced in other parts of the world like North Africa and how such situation might become inevitable in the future.

Author: Solar Millennium AG

Date: 2009

Slides: 36

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