Solar Thermal Energy Scope in Chile (2009)

Rubén Muñoz Bustos, from the Chilean National Energy Commission, prepared this presentation for a training workshop on solar heating and cooling, which took place in July 2009 in Santiago, Chile.

The training workshop, organized by different local entities in co-operation with the Spanish Association ASIT and the Spanish Institute IDEA, was addressed mainly to technical staff from public governmental bodies and focused on boosting the use of solar thermal applications in the country.

This presentation provides an overview of the energy situation in Chile, the legal framework for the use of RES and the specific situation of solar thermal energy, including the incentive schemes available, the total area installed and an explanation of a draft law on solar thermal systems subsidies, to be in approved by the end of 2009.

Document only available in Spanish

Author: Chilean National Energy Commission
Date: 2009
Slides: 39

Download document here



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