Solar Thermal Components Adapted to Common Building Standards – SCAS (2007)

This document is the final report of the project "Solar Thermal Components Adapted to Common Building Standards", involving different universities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Latvia (Technical University of Denmark, SERC, University of Oslo, Riga Technical University).

The aim of the project was twofold: to influence the development of building standards in the Nordic countries, in line with new EU Directives for improved energy standard in the building sector; to further develop realistic feasibility studies for products and components with a view to provide the interested industries with a basis for in-house product development and commercialization.

The project consisted of the installation of pilot versions of a solar heating/natural gas burner system, of a solar heating/pellet burner system and of a façade/roof integrated polymeric collector in a number of demonstration houses in Denmark, Sweden and Norway during the Summer of 2006.

The three new products have been evaluated in terms of thermal performance and energy savings and commercial feasibility. The results of the project showed that the products are indeed attractive for the industry partners.

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