Solar Process Heat in Breweries (2014)

This presentation was given by AEE INTEC at a SOLTRAIN training in Pretoria, South Africa, in April 2014.  It provides an overview of the EU-funded FP7 project SolarBrew.  This project aims at developing the use of solar process heat in the brewing industry. 3 breweries are part of this project.  The Brewery Goess in Austria is using solar energy for its mashing process, relying on a 1.500m² flat plate collector field and a 200m³ storage tank.  The Brewery Valencia in Spain has built a solar assisted tunnel pasteurizer, using a 1620m² flat plate collector field and a 350m³ storage tank.  The malting plant Vialonga in Portugal uses solar energy to dry malt.  Its infrastructures include a 4.725m² flat plate collector field and a 400m³ storage tank.  The overall SolarBrew project shows that there is an enormous potential for solar process heat applications in Europe.

Author:  Franz Mauthner, Christoph Brunner, Matthäus Hubmann, Christian Fink

Date : 03 April 2014

Pages: 24


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