Solar Powering Your Community: A Guide for Local Government (2011)

This is a document from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to help local governments and communities developing a solar energy plan. Authorities have realized the main obstacles are often at the administrative and legislative level, so with this document they aim at providing further assistance on how to draft and implement strategic local solar plans.

Many of the examples included within this guide, are the result of field tests made in different cities and counties around the USA and a large part of these examples are the direct result of DOE’s Solar America Communities Programme. The objective is to share best practices among local authorities, so the publication addresses relevant issues such as how to make solar energy affordable for individuals and companies, how to enforce local legislation, enhance utility processes, examples of awareness raising activities, public procurement, among others.

Author: US Department of Energy

Date: 2011

Pages: 172

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