Solar Heating: Incorporating Underfloor Heating (2011)

This is the report of a study done by the Architecture Department of the Uruguayan Republican University. The goal of the research was to find out whether it was technologically and economically feasible to integrate solar thermal system for underfloor heating into the already existing systems. The report starts with a theoretical framework, which consists of three subsections. The first contains a detailed technical and functional description of the solar thermal heating system components, followed by an overview of the Uruguayan legal and regulatory framework applicable to solar thermal industry. A second subsection deals with existing heating and cooling systems and the types of fuels employed, while the third explains how solar thermal technologies can be integrated into the overall heating system. Building on the previous information, the second part of the report presents data obtained from a case study, a 10-storey high building. Based on a year-round analysis of the system performances, the research was able to provide accurate data regarding the efficiency of the systems, crucial in evaluating the investment payback time. The results have shown that the viability such systems is highly dependent on the size of the building and the installed collector areas.

Document only available in Spanish

Author: Uruguayan Republican University

Date: 2011

Pages: 36

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