Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative Booklet and Readiness criteria for SHAMCI Certification bodies

This booklet on the Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI) provides an overview of the current situation in the field of solar thermal heating in the different Arab countries, and gives explanations on the procedure to follow in order to obtain a solar water heating certification. It also explains which products are eligible for certification and what type of tests need to be undertaken.

SHAMCI is a quality certification scheme for solar thermal products and services in the Arab region. SHAMCI labelled products and combined international standards with regional specific characteristics assuring high quality products, safety, reliability, durability and high performance.

Adopting a certification scheme as SHAMCI will help authorities to improve customer confidence, facilitates trade barriers and regional collaboration, streamline compliance monitoring, create jobs and promote industrial quality standards compliance. It will help solar thermal products manufacturers to: offer high quality products at reasonable costs, improve visibility to SWH customers, achieve operational economies of scale, simplify test procedures at lower costs and develop new markets and create export opportunities. And finally it also helps solar thermal products consumers to: identify high-quality products easily, assure safety, durability, and reliability and compare seller prices through standard product features.

SHAMCI has also issued a 2-page leaflet summarizing the benefits of SHAMCI-certified products, which can be downloaded here.

Readiness criteria for SHAMCI Certification bodies, can also be downloaded here including annexes (English - Arabic)

For more information about SHAMCI, please click  here to watch a webcast of a webinar organised by the on this scheme.

Author: SHAMCI

Date: 2014

Pages: 21

Download the document here, or read it below:


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