Solar Energy Technologies Program (2009)

This two page brochure is an overview of the US Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Program. Written by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), this report summarizes the recent initiatives and strategic focus of DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Program and touches on regulatory efforts to help the burgeoning concentrating solar power (CSP) market sector.

The DOE is focused on developing new technologies to make solar power competitive with leading energy resources by 2015. The new technologies will be supported by advanced thermal storage systems and a new class of nanofluids with enhanced properties in thermal conductivity, heat capacity, freezing and boiling points, and high-temperature thermal stability.

DOE public-private partnership initiatives focus on competitive grant-giving contracts for companies that focus on DOE established priorities, regulatory streamlining to increase access to site permits, and a continued effort by the DOE National Laboratories to focus on heat storage systems.

Authors: The U.S. Department of Energy

Date of Publication: 2009

Pages: 2

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