Solar Energy in Argentina (2007)

This document, published by INENCO Instituto UNSa-CONICET (Instituto de Investigación en Energías No Convencionales), provides an overview of solar energy in Argentina.

The use of renewable energies in Argentina, in special solar, started in 1975 following the energy crisis. Solar thermal is used in heating of households and buildings but it is not the preferred option. Solar heating only comes as second option, in case natural gas use is not possible. Natural gas is very cheap, although not available in the whole territory. Payback time of installing solar water heating systems goes from 3 to 4 years. Solar drying technology is also used often in Argentina, especially in agriculture, and has proved to be very successful.

The document concludes that there are many other possibilities for using solar energy in Argentina. Increased government support and awareness raising activities would contribute to better knowledge about the technology solutions available. Appropriate training is also mentioned as a way of increasing the use of renewables in the country.

Author: INENCO Instituto UNSa-CONICET

Date: 2007

Pages: 7

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