Solar Cooling and Heating System for the Intelligent Workplace (2007)

This report, from 2007, provides an overview of a project intended to install a solar cooling and heating system on the Intelligent Workplace of the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Intelligent Workplace is a research initiative based at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh which combines the most recent technologies with a view to provide a healthy, productive and comfortable environment for its occupants, reducing its primary energy requirements. It intendeds to discover new ways solar opportunities can help improving environmental sustainability and high quality indoor environments.

This document reports how the solar absorption cooling and heating system has been conceived and the results of the first tests that have been conducted to it. The system consists of 52 m2 of parabolic trough solar collectors (PTSC), a 16 kW double effect absorption chiller, a heat recovery exchanger and a variable load, simulated building load exchanger to measure the performance of solar collector and the overall solar cooling and heating system.

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