Risk Assessment of Structural Impacts on Buildings of Solar Hot Water Collectors and PV tiles and Panels (2010)

This report was prepared for the Scottish government by BRE Scotland and Waterman Group, and looks at the loads imposed when solar thermal hot water collectors are attached to roofs and walls. Through this, they develop a risk-based approach for the installation of solar collectors onto different surfaces.

The conclusions are straightforward: that loads from a single row of collectors are calculated to be within acceptable limits of safety for standard truss rafter roofs; while for mansard and older roof types or multiple rows of collectors, each installation should be assessed on an individual basisc by a chartered engineer (although again the majority of loads can be accommodated).

As well as outlining these specific recommendation, the report gives several case studies to outline its methodology in testing each technology.

Date: 2010

Author: BRE Scotland and Waterman Group

Pages: 47

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