Residential Solar-based Seasonal Thermal Storage System in Cold Climate: Building Envelope and Thermal Storage (2012)

This document by Hallsall Associates is taken from the proceeedings of the 25th International Conference on efficiency, cost, optimisation, simulation and environmental impact of energy systems. It presents the life cycle energy and cost analysis of a typical one-story detached house, located in Montreal, Canada.

This involves an explanation of the computer model used to simulatre a solar heating system with solart thermal collectors and long-term thermal storage cpacity. From this model, the life-cycle cost and life-cycle energy use of the solar combisystem are estimated for both flat-plate and evacuated tube solar collectors.

The total lifecycle cost for the flat-plate collector system is estimated at $58,799 with a payback of 79.4 years, while the cost for the evacuated tube solar collector system is estimated at $40,939 with a payback period of 55.6 years. The report suggests that this is not yet cost-efficient for use under current economic conditions, although also notes that energy payback shows a significant positive impact that should be taken into account.

Date: 2012

Author: Halsall Associates, Concordia University (Montreal)

Pages: 12

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