Renewable Energies for Remote Areas and Islands (2012)

The Renewable Energy Technology Deployment, a sub-group of the International Energy Agency with the mandate to accelerate the market introduction and deployment of renewable energy technologies, issued in 2012 a report on the possibility of deploying renewable energy technologies into remote islands and regions. The communities studied in the report live in different climate conditions and latitudes, from Alaska to Spain, from Japan to Ecuador, but face similar problems in terms of distance from more populated areas. The report shows technical, economic and energy issues facing remote areas; it provides examples, perspectives and inspiration on how to develop sustainable energy strategies, ultimately reducing long-term costs of energy.

The document includes also financing possibilities and a detailed set of case studies from IEA-RETD members (Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Norway, and United Kingdom) as well as other countries (Ecuador, USA, Antarctica, Morocco, Spain, Netherlands, Australia).

Author:  IEA-RETD

Date of publication: 2012

Pages: 230

Download document here


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