Public-Private Partnership for the Promotion of Solar Energy in Uruguay (2010)

This publication includes information about the creation of Mesa Solar in 2007 with the support of UNESCO. Mesa Solar has been created to support the development of solar water heating in Uruguay. Mesa Solar gathers different public and private organisations, from government, civil society and companies.

The publication goes through the different phases of the initiative, the various partners and initiatives carried out. The use of solar thermal energy in Uruguay started in the 70s following the oil crisis. Since then the market is still rather small and underdeveloped with only one local provider and an estimated installed collector area of 0.2m2 for each 1000 inhabitants.

The document includes a transcript of the solar thermal law (Nº 18.585) of 2009 which declares of national interest research, development and training activities related to the use of solar thermal technologies.

Document only available in Spanish

Author: Mesa Solar

Date: 2010

Pages: 68

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