Presentation on Engaging Banks in providing end-user financing to the SWH Industry

This presentation summarises the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)’s efforts to engage banks in providing end-user finance to support the development of the Solar Water Heating Industry. It works to support the banking sector and other financial players in creating tailored energy finance mechanisms to support the national industry.As a case study, the presentation summarises the PROSOL project in Tunisia, a financial support mechanism with loans financed through local banks. The project was underwritten by Italy, and has resulted in 285,000m2 installed Solar Water Heaters (95,000 installations).

The presentation also summarises UNEP’s knowledge management projects - including It has learned from its experience that the lack of tailored financing for solar water heating projects is a major issue, with Renewable Energy Companies frustrated by the lack of bank interest. It concludes with a variety of recommendations:

• Institutional support from local governments

• Multi-stakeholder approach

• Technical support for setting up dedicated loans instruments

• Targeted capacity building, training, communication and dissemination to specific financial incentives.

Author: UNEP

Date: 2010

Pages: 19

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