Market Study on Solar Collectors in Chile (2006)

In 2004, the consumption of primary energy sources in Chile was still very significant (oil 39%; natural gas 19%; hydroelectricity 18%; coal 10% and wood and other fuels 14%).

Given this high dependence on fossil fuels, the Government of Chile has set a target of supplying 15% of the new electric generating capacity with renewable energy sources between 2006 and 2010. With this in mind, the Chile Energy National Commission commissioned this study in order to help developing a national plan for the promotion of solar thermal energy in Chile.

This study classifies the situation of the Chile thermal market back in 2006, analyses its potential and the main barriers to its development. All the sectors analysed showed potential for solar thermal use, especially the household sector with an estimated 96% of the maximum potential demand of solar collectors, while the industrial sector represented 4.4% of the maximum potential demand of solar thermal collectors.

Read document here (only available in Spanish)



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