Handbook for the Solar Water Heating Pilot Programme in California (2008)

The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) developed a Solar Water Heating Pilot Programme, following the launch of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) in 2006, intended to promote the greenhouse gas emissions reduction by lowering the usage of natural gas and electricity for water heating.

The programme consists of an incentive scheme to both residential and nonresidential customers of the San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) Service Territory, who install qualifying solar water heating systems to offset the energy used by an existing water heater or boiler. Besides, it also includes relevant education and training programmes, to both contractors and costumers either in the agriculture, industrial, commercial or residential sector.

This handbook from 2008 explains all the conditions of the programme, who can apply, under which terms, the equipment eligibility, installation requirements as well as the incentive programme structure and applications process. It also contains a set of forms (Incentive Claim; Programme Application; Contractor Application; Project Cost Affidavit) that help understanding the necessary requirements to submit an application for the programme.

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