Guide for Solar Heating and Cooling Awareness-Raising Campaigns

This guide aims to assist those actors interested in promoting solar heating and cooling and it addresses the design and implementation of awareness raising campaigns.

In order to provide guidance on the design and implementation of awareness raising campaigns, this guide is conceived as a chronological step by step approach. Every stage of the campaign (conception to evaluation) and every aspect (from design to project management and financing) are covered, and practical tips are proposed for every step;

 and that would include:

  • Analysis of the concept of awareness raising, with its implications for the solar heating and cooling sector, as well as an analysis of its consumers.
  • Overview of solar heating and cooling systems, including types of collectors and different applications.
  • Campaign basics: initial steps preliminary to the development of the campaign;
  • Project management indications on how a typical awareness raising campaign is planned from the beginning to the end, including essential concepts such as coordination, deliverables & results and evaluation;
  • Design of the campaign: indications on finding the right target groups, defining key messages or deciding on corporate design;
  • Communication channels and media tools: information on different possibilities of communication to target audiences;
  • Several campaign examples from different countries;
  • Several templates that can be used in an awareness raising campaign.


Date: 2015

Pages: 52

Download the document here

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