A Guide to Fee-for-Service Solar Water Heating Programs for Caribbean Electric Utilities (2006)

This report was prepared by Caribbean Solar Technologies Ltd in 2006. The main objective of this guidebook is to increase knowledge about solar water heating fee-for-service program structures in the Caribbean region. Ultimately, this will help utility companies evaluate and develop profitable solar water heating fee-for-service programs. It starts by explaining the different types of solar thermal systems with brief descriptions and charts. It also breaks down two major service-fee programs: sale-of-energy programs and system leasing or rental programs. Sale-of-energy programs do not require a capital investment by the customer. The utility company owns, installs and services the equipment, while the owner sells the energy generated by the solar thermal system to the customer. A leasing program is similar, meaning the utility company still owns the system and the customer is responsible for payments to cover the declining value of the system. Aside from these programs, this guide also covers financing and benefits for both the customer and the utility.

Author : Caribbean Solar Technologies Ltd

Date of publication : 2006

Pages : 92

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