EnerWorks Residential Solar Water-Heating (2005)

This brochure was created by the solar energy company EnerWorks. It exemplifies the consumer- orientated business approach to solar thermal water heating systems for residential use.

EnerWorks is a Canadian solar energy company. Their brochure highlights the many domestic uses of solar thermal heated water: showering, washing dishes, doing the laundry, washing hands. Also, the brochure touts potential savings and the reduction in carbon emissions associated with solar thermal systems.


There are two notable things about the EnerWorks system. First, they offer a professional to come to your home, help you determine your needs, and then oversee installation. Second, their Thermal Energy Monitor will tell you things like how much money and carbon emissions you have saved thanks to your system. This is the consumer orientated approach to the solar thermal business that will be much more common in the future.

Author:  EnerWorks

Date of Publication: 2005

Pages: 2

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