Description of Simulation Tools used in Solar Cooling (2009)

This technical report is a deliverable of Task 38, Subtask C within the framework of the International Energy Agency’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. It describes both existing and developing simulation tools and models used for solar cooling applications.

The first chapter describes simulation tools used within the IEA Task 38 framework, the best known being SPARK, EnergyPlus, EES, EasyCool, TRNSYS and INSEL. Ranging from predefined simple configuration software to low level equation solver, most of these tools are available on the market. The second chapter presents some of the latest developments in a modelling approach used for desiccant systems, while the third is dedicated to developments in transient absorption chiller performances. Their experimental validation was performed under operating conditions at both component and system levels.

The report presents not only a static technical description, but also a detailed investigation of the model performance, including performance analysis or sensitivity checks, in order to demonstrate the general model functionality.

Author: Task 38, IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme

Date: 2009

Pages: 95

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