Construction of Solar Collectors for Warm Water – Practical Guide (2014)

WECF,  Women of Europe for a Common Future, has published a practical guide explaining how to build a cheap and efficient solar water heating system, using local knowledge and materials and which can be used all year long. The document provides information on the different parts of a solar water heater, on how to build solar collectors and a heat exchanger tank.  It also gives further information on other solar water heater models.

WECF is a network of women’s and environmental organizations in 40 countries, which is implementing sustainable energy projects in the EECCA region (Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia).  This project is funded by the European Union.

Author: Regina Drexel, Rostom Gamisonia

Date: April 2014

Pages: 30

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Download the document here, or read it below

updated-manualsolarcollectorseng.pdf 5.3 Mb [511 download(s)]

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