Concentrating Solar Power for Seawater Desalination (2007)

This extensive study from 2007 assesses in a detailed way the potential of concentrated solar power (CSP) systems for large scale seawater desalination. The geographical scope of the report focuses on the urban centres in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The objective of the study is to demonstrate that these large scale CSP processes can be used to provide water supply in a balanced, affordable and secure way and as such helping avoiding a threatening fresh water deficit.

The report has a thorough technology review and combines this with assessing the social, economical and environmental impacts of CSP desalination and the consequences it would have on freshwater supply.

Source: Institute for Technical Thermodynamics

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AQUA-CSP-Full-Report-Final.pdf 7.8 Mb [742 download(s)]

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