Concentrating Solar Power: Its Potential Contribution to a Sustainable Energy Future (2011)

This report presents the findings and recommendations of a study done by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) on concentrating solar power (CSP). The aim of this report is to inform policymakers about the CSP potential in Europe and the MENA regions. It is focused on four aspects: reviewing the current status of CSP technologies and identifying future research and development (R&D) actions, evaluating electricity generation through daily insolation pattern, identifying associated environmental impacts and infrastructure requirements, and evaluating CSP potential contribution to the future energy mix in the aforementioned regions.

Starting from the basic technological concept, the report presents a detailed description of the four CSP technology families, their performances and development status, as well as an overview of the thermal energy storage technology options used in connection with CSP facilities. The next section is dedicated to an economic analysis which encompasses CSP generation costs, market status and potential developments.

Moreover, the report contains a thorough analysis of the environmental impact of CSP technologies, as well as an outline of future developments in the context of EU energy policies.

Author: EASAC

Date: 2011

Pages: 67

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