Concentrated Solar Power: Focusing the Sun’s Energy for Large‐scale Power Generation (2009)

This factsheet was created by Tracy Jennings and Laura Parsons of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute based in Washington D.C. It focuses on the various system types of concentrating solar power and its key features. The factsheet gives a brief description of parabolic troughs, linear fresnol reflectors, dish/engine systems, and power towers; explaining how each system uses direct solar radiation for utility energy production. CSP systems require supplemental fuel sources or thermal storage operations to continue producing energy at night. Water scarcity in deserts is often an issue for CSP plants, but policy incentives such as those in place in Israel and Spain could make CSP more affordable in the near-term, according to the factsheet.

Author: Tracy Jennings and Laura Parsons

Date: 2009

Pages: 6

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