Centre d'Essai Solaire de Perpignan (2008)

This presentation outlines the mandate and workplan of the Centre d’Essai Solaire de Perpignan (CESP), an accredited testing laboratory where solar thermal components and materials are tested according to EN 12975 to attain the prerequisite for European solar thermal certification Solar Keymark and French certification CSTBât. The CESP is part of the CARTECH technology platform, and draws on expertise from the laboratory for Processes, Materials and Solar Energy (PROMES).

In listing their results and short-term objectives, the CESP report that they are in the process of achieving COFFAC accreditation for testing solar performance and aging. They have already designed benchmarks for quantifying the performance of solar collectors according to EN 12795. This will be built on by developing new benchmark tests for full solar thermal systems (including tank and collectors).

This presentation is in French.

Author: Centre d’Essai Solaire de Perpignan

Date : 2008

Pages : 13

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