Canada: Solar Vision 2025: Beyond Market Competitiveness (2010)

This report issued by the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) gives an overview of the evolution of the solar energy market in Canada until 2025.  The report covers both the solar photovoltaic and the solar thermal sectors.

Solar energy has numerous advantages. It will be economically competitive, will create employment and production costs will be reduced.

For the solar thermal sector, CanSIA believes that by 2025 the solar thermal industry can reach a capacity between 8 GWth and 15 GWth and has identified 3 different scenarios. 

  • The base case foresees an increase in the installation of solar thermal systems provided state aid and Canadian growth continues and also sees the workforce increase in the sector to reach almost 2.400 Full time equivalent (FTE).
  • The conservative case is more pessimistic and estimates that if state aids are not renewed, this could be an obstacle to investments in the sector. With this scenario, about 2.300 FTE jobs could be created.
  • The aggressive case is more positive and foresees an ongoing growth rate, job creation and innovation.  Some Canadian provinces might adopt laws which will support solar thermal energy. This scenario expects an increase in employment to reach over 6.300 FTE

The document also provides information on the different employment categories in the sector and evaluates the production costs compared to other heating systems. They also give an overview of the production costs of solar thermal heating systems either in new buildings or renovated ones over a period of 15 years.

Date: December 2010

Author: Canadian Solar Industries Association 

Pages: 41

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