Building a Solar Future – Recovering America’s Homes, Businesses and Industry with Solar Energy (2010)

This report was put out in 2010 by Environment America Research & Police Center. The basis of this report is America’s potential and how the goal should be set to obtain 10 percent or more total energy consumption from the sun by 2030 using solar technology. Technologies described to accomplish this include: concentrating solar power, solar water heaters, solar space heating/cooling, and passive solar design. Through the use of these technologies, it can affect homes, businesses, transportation and entire communities. It mentions advancing building codes and standards, research and development programs, as well as financing tools to help achieve the goal of 10 percent growth. The reason for growth is not only America’s untapped potential, but to lessen the dependence on fossil fuels.

Author : Environment America Research & Police Center.

Date of publication : 2010

Pages : 65

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