Building Integration of Concentrating Systems for Solar Cooling Applications (2011)

This document was presented at the 2nd European Conference on Polygeneration (30 March-1 April 2011, Tarragona, Spain) by the researchers D. Chemisana, J. Lopez-Villada, A. Coronas and J. I. Rossel.

It analysis the energy consumption of buildings from Mediterranean countries and the solutions offered by solar cooling and solar concentrator systems. The paper consists of a comparative analysis between two cooling systems: one with evacuated tube collectors and a single-effect absorption chiller, the other with a solar concentrating system and double-effect absorption chiller.

A specific three-floors building had been chosen as a reference system for this research. The final assessment of the 2 technologies stresses not only the advantages and disadvantages that come with technical characteristics, but also the costs to be met by the users.

Author: Various

Date: 2011

Pages: 11

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