Assessment of the Techno-Economic Potential of CSP for Electricity and Desalination in Mediterranean Partner Countries (2010)

This document is one of the deliverables of the MED-CSD project. The main aim of this FP7 project is the assessment of the technico-economic potential of CSP for electricity and desalination in the Mediterranean region.

The document explores the demand for water and electricity in the Mediterranean and assesses the market potential of CSP in a number of countries (Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon).

The document concludes that indeed this region will suffer in the future severe problems of water scarcity and will need to develop its infrastructures to answer to the growing electricity demand. Making an investment in solar technology, research and training of labor force to work with this technology would be a great investment from the local authorities. The MED-CSD scenarios for water and electricity show that a sustainable future supply is possible in all regions, but investments need to be made. The EU partnership with this region is therefore a crucial element to provide the necessary financial means to the local authorities in these countries.

Author: MED-CSD Project
Date: 2010 

Pages: 94

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