Assessment of Feasibility for the Replacement of Electrical Water Heaters with Solar Water Heaters in Namibia (2005)

This study, commissioned by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, provides an overview of the solar water heating (SWH) industry in Namibia in 2005, comparing it with electric solar heating. Other African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana and their SWH development are also mentioned to help comparing the evolution of Namibia.

The report includes information on the current use of SWH systems, the main barriers to its development, the standards and test facilities available as well as an analysis of the stakeholders, such as the consumers, the public and the private sector.

The report concludes with prospects on the future development of the SWH industry and market in the country. Furthermore, an economic comparative analysis between solar water heating and electric water heating is also made, taking into account variables such as cost items, electricity consumption and tariffs, for a number of Namibian towns.

Author: Ministry of Mines and Energy

Date: 2005

Pages: 85

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