Analysis of Solar Thermal Water Heaters on Peak Demand (2008)

This report was prepared with cooperation from the University of North Florida and JEA local utility company in 2008. These two partners are responsible for building the UNF Clean and Renewable Energy lab, focused to educate students and explore alternative approaches to meet the area’s utility needs. Due to studies that state how residential hot water usage correlates with electrical peak times, suggesting that 29 per cent of hot water usage is between 6am and 10 am and 31 per cent is between 6pm and 10pm. Effective hot water systems can offset demand peaks. The study includes two different systems (active and passive), how they’re set up and the differences between the two. It also discusses water usage during peak hours and how much per hour would need to be pumped or supplied to a household, and how to estimate solar system sizing for a household.

Author : University of North Florida and JEA

Date of publication : 2008

Pages : 5

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