Almeria Solar Platform Center - Annual Report (2007)

The Almeria Solar Platform (PSA) is a European test facility center developed by the CIEMAT Spanish Center for Energy, Environment and Technological Research, devoted to the development of concentrating solar technologies in Spain. Being located in the Tabernas desert in the Southeast of Spain, this platform offers researchers climatic and insulation conditions similar to those of developing countries in the equatorial zone, but with all the advantages of large scientific facilities research centers in advanced European countries, making it an ideal location for the study, evaluation and demonstration of solar technologies. In 2007 the research activities of the PSA were structured around two main poles: the concentrating solar systems unit and the environmental applications of solar energy and characterization of solar resources unit. This report outlines the main activities and projects developed during 2007, the cooperation activities with other institutes in Europe and main results achieved in the different areas. Download document here


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