Green Chiller: Promoting Solar Air Conditioning

solar cooling of malta retirement house Cooling with the sun: This retirement home in Kalkara, Malta, is conditioned by a chillii Solar Cooling Kit PSC10 (10 kW cooling capacity). 38 m² flat plate collectors are used to generate the heat for the ammonia/water absorption chiller.
Photo: SolarNext

There is still a lot of room for growth when it comes to manufacturing solar thermal driven cooling machines. But the path is definitely clear. There had been only one single sorption chiller available five years ago, built by the Japanese company Yakazi and operating at 35 kW. Between then and now, the number of manufacturers of very small equipment has increased to 10. Most of them are based in Germany and Austria.

To get solar air conditioning out of its niche existence, some German and one Austrian manufacturer of sorption chillers have founded the Green Chiller association, in cooperation with the systems provider SolarNext AG from Rimsting, southern Germany. The inaugural meeting took place at the company buildings of SolarNext on the 10th December 2008.

”We want to increase awareness of solar cooling and thermal cooling in politics, industry and trade,“ initiator Uli Jakob, director of the department Solar Cooling at SolarNext, describes one of the reasons for founding the association. Moreover, its founding members have identified the development of dimensioning tools, standardisation of systems and clearing of the norm situation as their top priorities.

The two German research institutes, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg and the Institute for Air and Cooling Technology (ILK) in Dresden, support the association in its founding process.

SolarNext AG, Dr. Uli Jakob, phone: +49/8051/6888-400, email:


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