Borosolar: India’s first glass vacuum tube manufacturer

Borosolar vaccum tubes from India New brand Borosolar: Borosil Glass Works Ltd. launched the first vacuum tube collector fully produced in India.
Photo : Borosil Glass Works

Borosil Glass Works Ltd. from India has entered the solar thermal market with its own brand Borosolar. The company is the only manufacturer of borosilicate glass in India and market leader with over 65 % in the Indian laboratory ware market. Borosolar will be the first vacuum tube collector indigenously manufactured in India. The system is composed of Borosil's 7740 composition borosilicate glass tubes which guarantee high international quality standards. The glass can withstand a temperature differential of up to 170 °C which is an important feature in the solar collector. The company also accentuates the small heat losses of the vacuum tubes with 72 hours of heat retention, which ensures that the water stays hot through the nights and days when there is little or no sunshine.

Borosil tubes are triple coated in an argon environment to effect the coating layer consistent and durable. The non-pressurized Borosolar solar water heater is provided with either heatpipes or Sydney tubes and an inner tank made of Stainless Steel, a PUF installation between inner and outer tank and an electric back up.

Borosil Glass Works Ltd. was established in December 1962 in collaboration with Corning Glass Works of U.S.A, the company which invented borosilicate glass. Today the company exports to the Americas, the British Isles, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and South Asia. Borosil Glass Works employs round about 600 people.

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This text was written by Jaideep Malaviya, an Indian journalist and solar thermal expert.


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