European Copper Institute

European Copper Institute (ECI) contributes to political debate, directly and through stakeholder platforms, sharing its expertise of copper-based products and technical building services and their contribution to the Commission goal of a carbon-neutral building stock. ECI has a considerable knowledge base and multidisciplinary expertise in technology, chemical policy and life cycle relating to copper and its applications. It also has established outreach channels aimed at supporting its advocacy towards the EU institutions. was initiated by ECI in 2008 with the aim of providing stakeholders from research, public and private sector all around the globe with first-class information about solar heating and cooling to stimulate market growth. The ECI has supported the hosting of the website as well as the content gathering continuously since 2008.
Please see below our most recent articles:
  • Cities crucial to clean energy transition

    Cities crucial to clean energy transition

    The first edition of the Renewables in Cities Global Status Report was published by REN21, France, at the end of 2019. In all, 380 people, mostly volunteers, contributed to this report, supplying data on the progress of the renewable energy transition across municipalities, including...
  • Solar Heat for Cities – brochure and infographics

    Solar Heat for Cities – brochure and infographics

    Why is solar heat such a smart way to create sustainable communities? It improves energy security, keeps heat costs stable for at least 20 years and cuts air pollution in towns and cities. To encourage more mayors, local council members and municipal utilities to look into this cost-...

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