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Focus on Solar Thermal (2012)

Submitted by Chris Heron on May 29, 2013

Werner B. Koldehoff of German Solar Industry Association (BSW) delivered this presentation at the Conference on “Green Energy” in Cairo, Egypt, in 2012. The presentation outlines the Egyptian solar thermal market and introduces the National Renewable Energy Initiative Egypt. The presentation also provides several case studies of solar thermal heating/cooling and examples of national solar thermal incentives worldwide.


Concentrated Solar Air Conditioning for Buildings Project (2010)

Submitted by Dan Fernandez on May 23, 2013

This presentation from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discusses a project they collaborated on with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and others to reduce the energy intensity of one of their facilities with a concentrated solar thermal air conditioning project.


Evaluation of a Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning System with Solar Thermal Regeneration (2013)

Submitted by Dan Fernandez on May 13, 2013

This presentation comes from Queen’s University in Canada. It provides information on liquid desiccant air conditioning, background research on how this technology could be used with solar thermal air conditioning, and plans for a demonstration project.


On the Way to a Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Roadmap (2013)

Submitted by Chris Heron on May 13, 2013

This presentation by ESTIF has been presented at the 4th European Conference on Renewable Heating and Cooling in April 2013 in Dublin. The presentation gives an overview of what is needed to develop a Roadmap for solar heating and cooling technologies in Europe. Their Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Roadmap is expected to be completed by July 2013, and will include: goals, technological capacities and solutions for achieving energy efficiency.


Solar Air Conditioning: A technological development opportunity in renewable energy (2010)

Submitted by Dan Fernandez on May 10, 2013

This presentation comes from Puerto Rico’s Universidad del Turabo, and explores the benefits of solar thermal air conditioning, the technology that makes this application possible, and how its use can be expanded in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Solar Thermal - Market, Policy and Industry Trends in Germany (2012)

Submitted by Chris Heron on May 7, 2013

This presentation was given by BSW, the German Solar Industry Association, and provides an outline of the German solar thermal energy sector: market trends, policies and existing opportunities and challenges.


Benchmarking of Solar-Thermal Technologies in B.C.'s Agricultural and Agri-Food Operations (2012)

Submitted by Dan Fernandez on May 6, 2013

This report is a summary of five solar thermal feasibility studies conducted by Stantec Consulting for the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture. The studies looked at the potential for solar thermal heating and cooling systems to be used in various agricultural applications across British Columbia.


Durability Issues, Maintenance and Costs of Solar Cooling Systems (2012)

Submitted by Chris Heron on April 26, 2013

This document is a part of the 2012 Quality Assurance in Solar Heating and Cooling Technology (QAiST) Project report on the requirements for durability and performance testing of solar cooling systems. The study analyses the existing situation in the field of solar thermal cooling and provides recommendations for innovative approaches, methods and standards in the area.


Solar Heating and Cooling Technologies – Germany (2012)

Submitted by Chris Heron on April 23, 2013

This presentation of Green Chiller Association for Sorption Cooling e.V. outlines different types of solar thermal collectors for industrial heating and cooling, and their existing capacities and advantages. It also provides an overview of the market statistics for the use of solar process heat and cooling in Germany and in the world.


Solar Cooling and Process Heating for Industrial Applications (2012)

Submitted by Chris Heron on April 19, 2013

This presentation was given at the Indo-German Cleantech Symposium in New Delhi, 2012, and focuses on the potential of Solar Fresnel collectors for Industrial solar cooling and process heating.