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Solar Water Heating for the Hospitality Industry (2003)

Submitted by Dan Fernandez on October 14, 2011

This case study was written by the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA). It examines the case of Penticton's Hostel in British Columbia, Canada, which installed solar water heating for its hospitality operations.

The manager of the hostel reports that the solar thermal water heating system has saved the hostel 60% on its annual water heating bills. The hostel’s busy season is during the summer, when solar energy is most available, thus accounting for a large part of the savings. Also, the hostel received a grant from the Canadian federal government under the Renewable Energy DeploymentInitiative (REDI) which helped cover the up-front installation costs.

Author: Canadian Solar Industries Assocaition

Date: 2003

Pages: 2

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