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Solar Thermal Power: Unlimited Resources (2006)

Submitted by Todd Costello on October 6, 2010

This brochure provides information on solar thermal technology and business practices as done by the company Feerostaal. It is intended as an introduction to Feerostaal’s business in the solar thermal industry.

Opening the brochure is Feerostaal’s economic argument for why solar thermal is a good business investment in the near and long term. Dr. Klaus Leker, who serves on the executive board at Feerostaal, is then interviewed about what sets Feerostaal apart from their competition. Finally, the brochure closes with an introduction to the various solar thermal related services Feerostaal offers and their newest solar thermal ventures.

For any person interested in gaining an understanding of how a business actually operates in the solar thermal market this brochure could provide valuable insight.

Author: Dr. Rainer Kistner and Tom Koopman

Date: 2006

Pages: 24

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Solar Thermal Ferrostaal