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The Solar Thermal Option: Meeting California’s Electricity Needs While Addressing the Global Warming Crisis (2007)

Submitted by Todd Costello on April 6, 2011

This presentation was created by Yes on 7, an advocacy group in California that campaigned in 2007 for the passage of Proposition 7, a ballot initiative that would have required utilities in California to meet certain renewable energy production standards.

The presentation demonstrates the potential of solar thermal to generate a higher percentage of California’s electric production. The presentation begins by detailing California’s electricity generation mix in 2006. It was primarily dominated by natural gas, large hydroelectricity, coal and nuclear. Renewables such as geothermal, solar and wind made up a combined 10% of the electricity mix. The numbers predict that by 2030, coal will make up almost 60% of California’s electric production mix.

In a different scenario, where California had adopted Prop 7, the presentation argues that California could have been producing 9% of its electricity through solar thermal and only 2% of its electricity with coal by 2020.

Author: Yes on 7

Date: 2007

Pages: 7

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Solar Thermal California