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Solar Power in Canada: Powerful, Proven and Practical (2003)

Submitted by Todd Costello on July 23, 2010

This report was prepared in 2003 by Rob McMonagle for the Canadian Solar Industries Association.

The document describes the specific challenges that the solar industry in Canada faces and also argues against many common myths associated with solar energy. Several charts also show that Canada has more solar energy than many countries that are currently worldwide solar leaders. Several charts provide a cost/energy breakdown for various uses of solar thermal power and solar pool heating is explained in further detail.

Challenges explained in the report include; lack of understanding concerning the scale and distribution of solar energy, cost assessment and accountability (consumer vs. government), lack of coordination and lack of vision from Canadian policy makers.

The author believes there is a large potential for growth in solar energy for Canada only if governments, industry leaders and individuals work together.


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