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Proposed Guidelines for Implementing California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (2004)

Submitted by Todd Costello on May 10, 2010

This document was prepared by Solargenix Energy, LLC. Solar thermal generation has been shown to be cost competitive when compared to other similar fossil technologies providing comparable products, i.e. firm on-peak capacity and energy.

The recently published CEC Cost Comparison Report concluded that, essentially, solar thermal generation with gas assist is cost competitive to combustion turbine technology when used in the same application (firm peaking). The purpose of these comments submitted herein by Solargenix is to complement the staff’s work and, hopefully, provide insights to help facilitate and increase the commercial development of one of California’s great natural power resources.

There is substantially more solar potential in the state of California that, over time, will become commercially attractive as the technology matures and the infrastructure becomes more fully developed. Harvesting the California sun provides cost competitive firm capacity and energy, helps stabilize natural gas prices, cleans the air and creates jobs in California.


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