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International Experiences with the Promotion of Solar Water Heaters (SWH) at Household-level

Submitted by Stuart Jackson on February 20, 2009

The objective of this paper is to analyse and evaluate international experiences with the promotion of solar water heaters at household level.

During the compilation of this study, it became apparent that responsible organisations did not pay much attention to a distinct monitoring and an explicit evaluation of promotion programmes. The study shows which promotion measures resulted particularly successful, which difficulties occurred during their implementation and how these circumstances possibly could have been avoided.

Chapter 2 gives an overview of several promotion mechanisms. These are on the one hand mechanisms based on financial incentives (2.1 to 2.4) and on the other hand possibilities of police law/ command-and-control regulation (2.5).

Chapter 3 presents seven criteria that are used for the evaluation of the promotion mechanisms. I

n the following Chapter 4, promotion mechanisms are presented in form of five exemplary case studies from Germany, Greece, France, Tunisia and Barcelona. These case studies are evaluated against the criteria introduced in Chapter 3. For this purpose, the country-specific background is presented first, followed by a presentation of the programme and its evaluation, finalizing with individual “lessons learned” for the each case study.

Chapter 5 summarises the conclusions and gives a short outlook on possible promotion alternatives for Mexico.

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