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HIGH-COMBI Project - High Solar Fraction Heating & Cooling Systems with Combination of Innovative Components & Methods (2007)

Submitted by Stuart Jackson on May 29, 2009

This document provides information on building types and climates of the countries involved in the EU project HighCombi.

The HighCombi project was launched in 2007 with a two-year duration and aims at the development and demonstration of solar thermal heating and cooling systems with high solar fraction. Co-funded by the European Commission, within the Sixth Framework Programme (2002-2006), the project consortium involves twelve partners from six European countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Germany and Austria).

This document provides relevant information e.g. an overview of existing European buildings stocks (mainly the “Residential Buildings”, “Office Buildings” and “Tourist Applications” types) the energy consumption of each one of them and the typical climate of each country.

The objective is to illustrate the boundary conditions of these systems in the European heating and cooling market. The document concludes with a summary of the “Thermal Energy Saving Measures” which should be taken into account before designing or installing any active heating and cooling systems in a building.

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