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Examples of Success stories from France

Submitted by Stuart Jackson on March 20, 2009

The “PLAN SOLEIL” (2000 – 2006) was a programme aiming to boost the solar thermal applications in France.

 “Plan Soleil” was considered to providing very strong incentives and measures. It is based on the following actions:

  • Encouraging the purchase and the use of solar systems by means of subsidies and financial aids, usually co-financed by the regions, 
  • Initiating the QUALISOL quality insurance policy, aiming to enhance the professionalism of specialized installers, 
  • Testing and selecting innovate quality products proposed by industrials (CSTbat certification procedure), 
  • Promoting campaign addressed to decision makers. 
  • Initiating (since 2000) a national communication campaign including a public toll-free phone number (INFO>ENERGIE).

This document provides an overview of the programme with pointers to incentive schemes, how the programme used Guaranteed Solar Results and an agreement with ACCORD hotels to promote solar thermal.

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