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Connect 2011: Making Solar Thermal a Part of Your Business

Submitted by Dan Fernandez on October 6, 2011

This presentation discusses the main benefits that using solar thermal energy can bring to a business. With charts and other interesting info-graphics, it compares the potential of solar thermal energy to the use of gasoline, coal, oil and uranium. Comparing future costs and output levels, it shows the inherent advantages of installing solar thermal energy systems.

Furthermore, this presentation explains in detail the design of various solar thermal systems and how they work to achieve energy efficiency. Illustrations of drain back systems and pressurized systems are included along with proper piping components and SHW system layouts. A few short case studies are also included towards the end. This presentation was first delivered at Connect 2011 in Minneapolis, MN.

Author: Ross Threthewey

Date: 2011

Slides: 27

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Solar Thermal Connect 2011